POS application to manage all business transactions.

The most complete Aplikasi Dagang with features that can facilitate your business operational activities.
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The all-in-one application that can facilitate all of your business operations.

Have more free time and relax your mind with Youtap, Aplikasi Dagang. Youtap provides solutions to make ti easier for you to run your daily business task. No more doing it manually like recording sales and accepting cash only. Now you can simplify your business. Record sales and receive daily sales reports, accept cash and cashless, and many other features.

A loyal friend who always accompanies business owners.

Not just a cashier application, but Youtal will always be loyal to accompany you in running your business every day. You can store all product data (SKUs) sold in the store. Make your business more modern with barcode scanning features, add promotions to attract customers, and analyze your sales reports.

Youtap cashier application service is easy, secure, and fast.

You can monitor your business anywhere, anytime, remotely. All information can be accessed on Youtap application so business owners can have more free time. Youtap application is specially designed to help you more comfortable and sophisticated in serving customers.

From now on, let Youtap take care of all your business operations.

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POS Application for the Future Business Tool

Serene yourself, let POS Application do the business operation

The POS application or the point of sales application by Youtap comes as a versatile business friend for every business owner. Increase the time for your family and hobbies as this POS application takes care of all your business operations. This POS application is free and easy to use. This free POS application accepts all types of cash and cashless payments. All transactions are neatly and accurately recorded in the sales recording app which is also included in the app. 

The POS application by Youtap is not an ordinary online calculator. The POS application also lets you do the stock opname efficiently. Do you need more? Youtap will soon add a barcode scan feature in this point of sales application, so Teman Youtap can add products to your inventory a lot easier. Not to mention the supply chain feature which shortens your transactions with distributors. Doing business is getting easier, right?

Manual cashier yesterday, digital POS application today

Business owners nowadays need to adapt to the digital society culture. Youtap respons by launching the android based point of sales application. It is free! This POS application facilitates transaction activities even when sales occur outside the store. Since it is an online application, the free POS application by Youtap can be accessed anytime and anywhere, even if Teman Youtap have several stores. The POS application opens the opportunity for you as a business owner to manage the business more comfortably and safely.

Manually, the cashier will spend up to 30 seconds on average calculating the amount of payment until the transaction is actually completed. But with the POS application by Youtap, Teman Youtap only need to spend 2 seconds on each transaction. There will be no more long queues that will jam the cash register at your store. Moreover with this free POS application, payment transactions can be done by customers without having to approach the cashier's desk. Let the point of sales application approach the customer, so they’ll enjoy the best transaction experience.