Privacy Policy

1. Collection and Use of Partner Information

1.1 Collection of Partner Information

PT Mitra Digital Sukses (hereinafter referred to as ‘YOUTAP INDONESIA’) will collect the Partner’s personal information when the Partner will register on YOUTAP INDONESIA’s website / applications and use products and/or services from YOUTAP INDONESIA. At initial registration, YOUTAP INDONESIA will collect general information belonging to the Partner (such as: name, e-mail address, telephone number, identity card number). Furthermore, the Partner will be asked to provide additional information in the form of: official name of business or company which registered by the Partner, type of Partner business, official business license documents from Government, Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), as well Partner’s bank account data as necessary.

The data will be used by YOUTAP INDONESIA to verify each Partner who will collaborate with YOUTAP INDONESIA. After the Partner has successfully connected with system of YOUTAP INDONESIA and ready to transact, YOUTAP INDONESIA will collect all information concerning the Partner’s transactions through YOUTAP INDONESIA website, including but not limited to the value of transaction..

1.2. Use of Partner Information

The Partner registration process applied by YOUTAP INDONESIA is carried out in accordance with applicable laws and the policies related with third parties as switching such as GPN/VISA/MasterCard/JCB/Amex and/or bank as acquirers and/or issuers of electronic money and/or other related service providers.

The general information of Partners have been collected by YOUTAP INDONESIA will be used by YOUTAP INDONESIA for smoothness of communication with Partners, implementation of validation and verification of Partner data as an official business entity, and can be used for product development, customer services and improvement of service qualities will be provided by YOUTAP INDONESIA. The information about Partner’s bank account data will be used solely for the interests of payment of Partner’s transaction bills that occur through the YOUTAP INDONESIA’s website, while information about Partner’s transactions will be used as a data to monitor number and pattern of transactions, administrative requirements and for purposes of fraud prevention.

All information owned by Partners (including transaction information) collected by YOUTAP INDONESIA will be stored securely in accordance with security procedures carried out by YOUTAP INDONESIA.

2. Collection and Use of Consumer Information (Card and/or Account Holder)

2.1. Collection of Consumer Information (Card and/or Account Holder)

Consumer (Card and/or Account Holder) who will purchase goods and/or services which sold/offered by Partners are required to enter information related to ordering or purchasing of goods and/or services in accordance with specification and information are needed in the implementation of payment, namely: type of card, type of name account of the Card and/or Account Holder, card number, telephone number, validity period and security code of the card or unique code used to make a payment. In addition, YOUTAP INDONESIA will also collect information related with internet transactions, such as: billing address, shipping address, telephone number and e-mail of Card and/or Account Holder.

2.2. Collection of Consumer Information (Card and/or Account Holder)

Information of Card and/or Account Holder collected by YOUTAP INDONESIA will be used for the interests of offline transactions in monitoring the validity of transactions using fraud prevention methods, improving the quality and services of YOUTAP INDONESIA, customer service requirements, and to protect Partners and Card and/or Account Holders from fraudulent attempts from outside parties.

3. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

YOUTAP INDONESIA will not distribute and/or sell personal identity and information obtained from Partners and Card and/or Account Users to other Parties or companies not affiliated with YOUTAP INDONESIA except for the implementation of providing products and services requested by Partners or Card and/or Account Holders. Disclosure of information to third parties will only be carried out by YOUTAP INDONESIA in connection with things as follows:

  1. To partners who have a cooperative relationship with YOUTAP INDONESIA under a non-disclosure agreement will help YOUTAP INDONESIA to communicate about all YOUTAP INDONESIA offers, to the marketing partners and other service providers for YOUTAP INDONESIA.

  2. At the request and/or order of the court or competent authorities

  3. In order for investigation, prevention or action against alleged unauthorized activities, suspected frauds, and alleged violations to the YOUTAP INDONESIA system and/or other legal obligations.

4. How to Update Personal Information

In the event that you want to update your information, you can send the new information to YOUTAP INDONESIA. YOUTAP INDONESIA can store personal information as long as it is deemed necessary and/or recommended and is not prohibited by law. In contrary, YOUTAP INDONESIA can dispose or delete personal information at the discretion of YOUTAP INDONESIA, so you are required to do the recording yourself, and not rely on storage of personal information or other data.

5. Information Protection

YOUTAP INDONESIA will always provide reasonable and maximum security measures for all information provided and collected by YOUTAP INDONESIA online through this website and use it solely for the interests of company and not for other purposes. All information obtained both from Partners or Card and/or Account Holders will be protected and keep confidential, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. YOUTAP INDONESIA guarantees that it hereby complies with provisions of applicable standards in this industry, which are related to card data and security, including to the protection, keep confidentiality and also the destruction of information.

6. Use of Cookies

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We use cookies for various purposes, including but not limited to remember your safe search preferences, help you to use the Service, and protect your data.

7. Change in Privacy Policy and Others

We will change the information and data on this site regularly and therefore you agree that the change will replace the previous Privacy Policy and is retroactive. Furthermore, YOUTAP INDONESIA can change both part and all of this Privacy Policy including change in the terms of use and the changes will be notified on this page.


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