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Youtap Indonesia is here to help all your business needs in one application to manage, simplify and grow your business.
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One application for all your business needs.

With the all-in-one application from Youtap, business management is easier and more efficient. Supported by the latest technology, all business operational needs are met. From recording sales digitally and accurately, accepting all types of payments both cash and cashless, Point of Sale system (POS), sales analysis, and many other features.

This all-in-one application can be used for all types of businesses, from grocery stores, food stalls, restaurants, cafes, and more. Youtap, the right solution for any business, simply download the Youtap application on the Google Playstore. Sign up is fast and free.

Can help you easily manage all transactions.

Manage all transactions with the convenience of a Point of Sale system (POS) in one application. Accept all types of payments, both cash and cashless, fast and safe. Can help you plan more with sales reports and analysis to determine business decisions so you can develop and get new opportunities.

Open new opportunities with Youtap, the all-in-one application.

Youtap supports any type of business. Apart from being available on Android devices, Youtap also has sales applications in special devices, Youtap Go, Youtap Pro, and Youtap Plus. Solutions for all your business management needs in one device. Make your business more modern with Youtap.

Grow your business with Youtap.

Youtap provides flexibility as the right solution to help your business progress. It's as easy as downloading the Youtap application, it's free!
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Masih penasaran Youtap bisa bantu kamu apa lagi?

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Merchant App As A Practical Solution for Business Owners

Business operational efficiency with merchant app

After the presence of merchant app technology by Youtap, it's no longer impossible for business owners to cut operational time to be far more efficient. The merchant app increases transactions to 94% more efficiently than the conventional transaction system. By the merchant app, you only need 2 seconds to complete the transactions. This long cut in operational time provides an opportunity for Teman Youtap's business to grow faster.

Using the merchant app means that Teman Youtap gets two benefits at once. You can stay at peace because all the operational needs of your business are handled by the merchant app and the customer will have a pleasant experience in making transactions so that they return again and again to your store. In the end of the day, competition in the global market can be more easily dealt with.

Double benefits in one device of merchant app

No matter what type of business you have, the merchant app is suitable as your business partner application. Besides being available on Android devices, Youtap provides the merchant app in special devices, called Youtap Go, Youtap Pro, and Youtap Plus.

Youtap Go has the most compact form and features compared to other devices. Even so, the merchant app feature on Youtap Go is sufficient enough to support your business. By Youtap Go, you can manage inventory, scan barcodes using the camera, and compile sales reports. Plus, besides accepting payments via QR (camera) and NFC scans, by Youtap Go, cash payments can also be recorded neatly digitally. Unlike the merchant app on Youtap Go, by Youtap Pro, Teman Youtap can scan the QR through a physical barcode scanner. Craving to have a mechant app device which can accept payments via card and print receipt? You can choose Youtap Plus as your business partner solution, then.

It is time not to delay using the merchant app by Youtap. It is time to do business in a relaxed and safe way.