QR Code Payment, all in one app.

Manage all your payment in one app. Ease of receiving payments safely from all Youtap partners without additional devices.
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An easy way to accept payments by Scan QR Code.

Accept cash and cashless payment with ease, fast, and safe. Youtap can make it easier for you to serve your customers with seamless payment method. One QR code, for all e-wallets. Give your customers the best service and open new opportunities with Youtap.

Modernize your business with Youtap.

By using Youtap application, your business can be more sophisticated with the support of the latest technology. Accept cash and cashless, recorded automatically on digital never been so easy.

Open up new opportunities with accepting cashless transactions.

Your transactions are recorded directly on the Youtap application. Easy to use, with just one app. Feel more comfortable and secure without worries.

From now on, let Youtap take care of your business.

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QR payment app benefits all parties

Pleasant experience with QR payment app

Currently QR payment app technology has become a new culture in trading business. The ease of doing transactions using QR payment app or also known as the QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) payment application is felt not only by business owners, but also by customers. There is no more cluttered storage of change on the cash register. Customers only need to bring their smartphone and scan the QR code on QR payment app through the merchant app by Youtap to pay for their purchases.

QR payment app by Youtap has features that support both the merchant and customer side, namely Merchant Presented Mode (MPM) and Customer Presents Mode (CPM). Merchant Presented Mode provides the QR code on the merchant's QR payment app. Otherwise, Customer Presented Mode provides QR code on the customer's QRIS payment application. This both QR payment app types can be adopted to your business needs and of course, it is equally profitable.

One QR payment app for all payment services

QR payment apps by Youtap certainly pamper both merchants and customers. Just one cashless payment app with QR code, customers are free to use any payment services they like to transact. Providing QR payment app facilities means that Teman Youtap have the opportunity to attract even more customers. Another advantage for merchants is that Teman Youtap no longer needs to patch many QR code stickers from various providers on your shop window. Practicality and the look of your store will look more attractive. 

Using QR code payment app technology proves that your shop is modern enough to increase the image of branding. Excellent branding is directly proportional to excellent marketing. Then excellent marketing will be followed by satisfying profits. All of these benefits can be obtained by Teman Youtap if you use the technological cashless payment app with QR code at your store.