Record sales digitally, simple and easy.

Sales records made easy, everything is recorded automatically on Youtap Application. All types of payments, both cash and cashless, are neatly recorded on the all-in-one app.
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Record sales in detail and accurately.

All your transactions are recorded automatically on the Youtap application. Including the payment methods you use, both cash and cashless. By using digital sales records, recording will be more efficient and practical, and will avoid human errors.

View transaction history based on sales records.

With the sales recording feature, also see the transaction history to track the products sold. Identify products that are selling well so they can decide on a promotional strategy to market their best selling products.

Know business conditions by looking at sales records.

By having sales records, know your current business conditions and decide your business strategy based on the records. Avoid financial fraud and human error.

From now on, let Youtap take care of your sales records.

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Perfectly manage business income by Sales Recording App

Sales Recording App minimizes risk, maximizes benefit

Sales recording apps handle one of the most important things in business: money. Youtap understands that recording sales is a drain on energy. Therefore, Youtap offers a sales recording app to cut a part of the long process of doing business. Sales recording apps will record instantly all types of payments made by customers through merchant apps, both cash and cashless payment. So your income won't be lost anywhere. Plus, you can view all transactions on the sales recording app without a period limit.

Digital solutions for daily sales recording apps come as a savior of business owners from the hassle of manual sales record. We all realize that recording manual sales has a higher risk in several aspects, such as records can be lost, be damaged, inaccurate data, and gain the potential for fraud in financial accounting. Now Teman Youtap don't need to worry. The sales recording app eliminates all of these risks, including eliminating additional costs for managing finances.

Sales Recording App helps you recall customer’s favorite item

Not only recording the in and out of the transaction, the sales recording app also records what products are sold. Thus, Teman Youtap know how many products are left in the warehouse without having to bother checking physically. The convenience of the sales recording app brings another advantage. Teman Youtap can identify the most liked and disliked products for customers by it.

Why is it important to identify a customer's favorite products? With the benefits generated by this sales recording app, it means that Teman Youtap can focus on promoting these favorite products. Who does not like to repeat purchases on favorite products, let alone added attractive promos? Only a daily sales recording app which is able to fulfill the desire of buyers and merchants at once!