Track your sales report whenever and wherever.

Get to know your business even deeper with sales reports that are packaged automatically and easy-to-read.
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Your transaction will be recorded & presented as a report on the Youtap application.

You can access your sales report anytime & anywhere through Youtap application. All data will be recorded neatly and digitally, both cash and non-cash payments. Real-time reports and shows day-to-day sales results and provides input to help your business move forward.

Comprehensive sales reports and report analysis features.

By using a sales report application, getting to know your business deeper becomes easier. You can monitor which products are selling well, as well as the sales methods that are used most often. This sales report can be the basis for sales report analysis that can make it easier for you to make strategic decisions for your business.

You will also receive sales reports to your WhatsApp every day.

Summary reports are sent via WhatsApp every day so you can always monitor your sales transactions anytime and anywhere.

From now on, let Youtap take care of your sales reports.

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Sales Tracking App and Relaxing Business Journey

Track transaction records as you wish through Sales Tracking App

Sales tracking app by Youtap records all transactions digitally making it easy for Teman Youtap to track it without place and time limits. All sales data is neatly stored and easy to examine in the sales tracking app. Data stored on the sales tracking app can be sent from a special device to Teman Youtap’s smartphone, laptop, or computer in an instant. 

Another good news, Teman Youtap can track sales results on this sales tracking app in daily, weekly or monthly periods complete with transaction details of all types of payments. This extremely fast process by simple sales tracking app allows you to develop sales strategies faster. As a result, it won’t take long to see your business developing swiftly.

What does the Sales Tracking App provide?

Thanks to the sales tracking app, analyzing Teman Youtap’s business journey is no longer a time-consuming job. You don't have to bother counting money at the cashier every time you close the store. In addition, this daily sales tracker app makes it easy for you to monitor what products are sold and not sold, as well as when all those transactions occur. These data generate insights that can make it easier for you to develop your next sales strategy. You can even track the revenue you get whenever you need by this versatile sales report app.

The sales tracking app by Youtap provides in-app personalized contents based on records of your business activity and transactions. You can set the app by whatever you want to know from your business activities. In and out of money, items sold, sales period, the best time of transaction activity, and so on. All of these insights Youtap summarized in one daily sales tracker app so that Teman Youtap have more time to relax.